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Edition #9
Rio de Janeiro, 2006


“DKANDLE weaves swirling multi-colored vibrant unearthly soundscapes, blending fuzzy and reverberating Shoegaze textures, mesmerizing Dream Pop meditations, sludgy Grungey tones and moody Post-punk strains, heightened with soul-stirring lyricism and pensive emotive vocalizations”

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Tranzine - Why Alienaqtor?

Harlem - Initially, the project was called Alienator, which was an ironic take on alienation and feeling like a stranger in my hometown of Campos (Brazil). The "q" was added out of necessity to change the spelling since I discovered there were three other foreign projects with the same name. Actually, it was due to a typo during registration on an online site, but I like Alienaqtor! I read, analyzed, and thought it sounded better and distinct from any other.

Tranzine - What styles do you play?

Harlem - The issue of styles is always complex because the project from the beginning is quite different from the current one. In 1999, it was essentially dance music with experimental touches, predominantly electro, techno, and minimal elements. Over time, the project incorporated more melodies, atmospheres, and studies of frequencies and stereo effects. Styles like Breakbeat, IDM, and ambient entered the mix between 2001 and 2004. The latest EPs, released by netlabels this year, have leaned entirely towards an experimental side, so diverse that it would be better described as small abstract soundtracks for imaginary films, ranging from ambient techno and trip-hop to unclassifiable crossovers.

Tranzine - How do you see this new musical landscape of digital music distribution? Does this facilitate or hinder the survival of independent music projects in the market?

Harlem - Without thinking too much, I would say it facilitates, as it eliminates various obstacles, especially for those not in the mainstream media or outside the cultural hubs where this type of music predominates. But if you analyze it in depth, it also hinders, due to the enormous volume of production that doesn't always ensure the best works are the most publicized, heavily depending on the means of promotion one is connected to. I still believe only time can "filter" what really deserves to stay!

Tranzine - And how do you differentiate yourself from this mass of people making music?

Harlem - Performing live shows is an alternative, but it doesn't help much if the sound is configured for a rigid studio format; I think the solution is to work on the sound associated with other media, especially video, as it can more clearly show other aspects of the work and reach people who might not be drawn in by the music alone. Additionally, music can be an "illustration" for many things: visual arts, static or moving images, performances, dance, etc.

Tranzine - How is the music scene in Campos? Are there other electronic projects around?

Harlem - The local scene is small and still not well established. There are house, drum & bass, and electro DJs, but there's not much more variety. There's one project that's quite interesting, a blend of styles with a soundtrack touch, called 82.

Tranzine - How do you view the Brazilian electronic scene? Any names you enjoy:

Harlem - I think the scene is infinitely full of possibilities but hasn't reached the potential it could. Where is the cultural diversity, where are the deep research and explorations of new universes? I feel that many people seeking identity and viewing music as art above all else struggle to find space due to structural and market limitations. On the other hand, many who just follow formulas and copy 100% of certain foreign artists seem to get more attention. Some names I enjoy are: Saara Saara, Harry, Inhumanoids, Simbolo, Fellini (pioneers), scenes like mangue bit: Chico Science and Nação Zumbi, Mundo Livre S.A., from the 90s to now, I'd add: Paula Daunt, Nobody Else, Enjoy, Retrigger and solo artists like A Industrya, Ian Martinez, XRS Land, Alex Numb, Voz Del Fuego, Johann Heyss, Miss Undead, Sintetik, Sonido Sintetico, R-O-B-A-T-O, etc. There are more, hehe, it’s hard to remember all now.

Tranzine - What sounds have you been listening to lately?

Harlem - I've always been a musical compulsive. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of soundtrack scores, things like John Carpenter, Goblin, Richard Band, Jerry Goldsmith; recent styles like dubstep/sublow; and always electro, synthpop, IDM, acid, breakbeats, ethnic and regional music from various regions and countries, ambient, dream pop/shoegazer; percussions, emblematic and dense sounds, everyday noises; psychedelics and audiovisual surges. Ah, also include the extreme side of electronics: Break-Raggacore, Industrial Hardcore, and Speedcore, and finally, post-punk (my favorite phase of Rock), vintage electronica, and '77 punk.

Tranzine - For or against the legalization of drugs?

Harlem - Totally in favor! I won't go into depth as this topic has been extensively discussed, but legalization is one of the few "keys" to reducing current violence.

Tranzine - Which politician would you never vote for?

Harlem - Anthony Garotinho and Rosinha Garotinho...

Tranzine - If you were taken to a deserted island and could only bring 3 albums, which ones would you take?
Harlem - Depeche Mode - Music For The Masses, The Future Sound of London - Dead Cities e Siouxsie & The Banshees - Once Upon A Time The Singles 1977-1980.


· O Alienador EP (demo CD, independent, 2001)
· Elektruthfuck - UnderstandIt! EP (demo CD, independent, 2002)
· "Elektruthfuck - Original Mix" - song on the compilation album 'Look What I Cooked Vol 1: Meat & Potatoes' (CD, Moron Labs, 2003)
· "Spread The Spell (Melodik 'Lektro)" - song on the compilation album 'Look What I Cooked Vol 2: The Dinner Party' (CD, Moron Labs, 2004)
· "Bedspread of Remnants" - song 06 on the project '1 Minute Massacre Volume 3' cd 2 (Soulseek Records, forthcoming, 2006)
· Tales of Psychotropicdaelia MP3 EP (Shkart, Shkart010, 2006) -
· First Schizophrenic Pupil Mp3 EP (Digital Enemy Records, DE004, 2006) -
· "Astral Baby (Extended Instrumental)" - song in the compilation 'SDLC v3.2: Move Your Ass Baby' (Mp3, Salon De La Composition, SDLC v3.2, 2006) -

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