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There are certain bands in my life that hypnotized me, stirred me, changed my life, as they showed me new perspectives. One of them is Dead Can Dance.

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Dead Can Dance was formed in 1981 in Australia by the couple Lisa Gerrard - who has a beautiful voice, by the way, and sings many of the songs in a fictional, imaginary language, which gives the band a very special tone, as only the sound of the voice remains, without conveying any message beyond the music - and Brendan Perry (I particularly prefer Lisa singing...). Besides them, dozens of people have passed through the band. They have a very strong oriental, primitive, and spiritual influence in their music.

Their sound is defined as "ethnic fusion" and leans much more towards lounge than the dance floor, although the songs from the band's early career were somewhat dark, reminiscent of Cocteau Twins. They use various unconventional instruments, such as zithers, in addition to electronic instruments, which in the overall context sound like mantras, without being boring. It's just very deep, very touching.

One of the coolest songs is '
Towards the Within', which is also the name of one of their albums, although this song belongs to the album 'Into the Labyrinth'. Another fascinating track is 'Song of the Nile', from the album 'Spirit Chaser'; dude, words just can't describe it, you know? All the words in the world wouldn't be enough to convey what this song expresses. 'Yulunga (Spirit Dance)', 'The Spider's Stratagem', and 'Ariadne' are also wonderful. Dead Can Dance also wrote the soundtrack for some films, such as Baraka (1992).

They unfortunately disbanded in 1993. (EDIT 2024: they reunited in 2006 and have since been touring the world and releasing new albums). With the band separated, Lisa Gerrard embarked on a beautiful solo career, even writing the beautiful soundtrack for the film Gladiator, along with Hans Zimmer.

Nothing compares to Dead Can Dance; their sound is quite unique, they are definitely one of my favorite bands

(EDIT 2024: Watch the video below that was filmed and produced by me in May 2012 as a tribute to the band, with locations in St. Moritz, Switzerland, and Como, Italy).

Did you already know Dead Can Dance's music? Do you enjoy the ethnic fusion style? Leave your comment below.


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