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Edition #8
Rio de Janeiro, 2005

Internet, our greatest ally against information manipulation

We interviewed Jenner of Misturinha Podcast

By Bruno Privatti

Timothy Leary's last drug campaign before his death

Castration of actions disguised as spiritual elevation

By Maite Schneider

Broadcast TV networks in contrast to the public financing model exemplified by the BBC


“DKANDLE weaves swirling multi-colored vibrant unearthly soundscapes, blending fuzzy and reverberating Shoegaze textures, mesmerizing Dream Pop meditations, sludgy Grungey tones and moody Post-punk strains, heightened with soul-stirring lyricism and pensive emotive vocalizations”



TAGS : interview, music, quick q&a, underground

- What's your nickname and why?
"J," because I have a master plan to be low-profile at an atomic level; in fact, "J" already sounds like an exaggeration to me. I'd prefer something soundless.

- Which newspaper do you read and how often?
I have a personal manifesto to extinguish all types of paper and plastic media - I read newspapers from around the world online all the time, every day.

- What was the best place you've ever traveled to?
The best journey is the one within the endless inner universe; sometimes I go there and rarely come back.

- What are the top 5 movies you've watched?
Many, none - I've been less interested in cinema over the past 10 years... with a background of working in a video store (with an art film profile), I watch everything - perhaps people might think that because my work is called JOHN MERRICK EXPERIENCE inspired by the character from David Lynch's film "The Elephant Man," this film is a standout for me. Indeed, it is, but I wouldn't place it among my top 5 favorites - the real story of John Merrick is also a beautiful analogy for the condition of those who seek art and are forced to live under the judgment of others. I really like "Boccaccio 70," "Annie Hall," "Hi, Mom!" (Robert De Niro), "Man Bites Dog," classic Blaxploitation films (I have a mini-collection)... the list is long - these are immediate memories.

- What are your favorite colors?
Blue, Gray, Black, and White - all other colors are unnecessary.

- Are you a spender or a saver?
I lean towards being thrifty, but I have my master plans and always carry them out.

- Do you sing in the shower?
I play air-vst and air-mpc in the shower.

- What was your first job?
My very first job was as a blackmailer and liar until I was 11 years old. I was so good that I professionalized, but I hung up my boots - it was more stressful than working in finance (one of my recent jobs).

- What's the most extravagant thing you've ever bought?
I have a magnetism for extravagance, and believe me, I've done many - most of them unspeakable in an interview, but I'll tell you something I almost bought and regret to this day - a 1986 Porsche model 944 that had Siberian documentation (so cold) and was dirt cheap. I even spent 3 days with the car. With the prices the guards fetch these days... I should have bought it.

- What's your ultimate dream purchase?

Sky's the limit, once I saw a speaker system that costs $1 million - the advertiser recommended using it only in underground studios to avoid compromising the building's structure. I said to myself - THAT MUST BE GORGEOUS!

- Do you often remember your dreams?

I do remember and interact - I ciommand "to the left," "to the right"... "pants down", it's great fun... there's a maxim that says when we die in a dream we wake up, right? Not for me... I continue there... aware that I died in a dream and still after... it's pretty cool. They say a lot about flying in dreams... I always have a remote control and subtitles for that. It's a pity I sleep so little; dreaming is the most fun.

- Do you believe in life after death?

Believing or not does very little for oneself; ideally, it's best to live with silence, with the ignorance of not knowing. This gives things a completely different value and equalizes all people.

Your opinion on:

Spiritism - There are many schizophrenic people in Spiritism and many low-level scholars; for me, where there's myth, there's no truth. I've studied and continue to study a lot about religions, occultism... in general, what I see are hysterical people. I know about Ayahuasca, Umbanda, Satanism, I've read the Quran, the Bible several times, studied a lot about Buddhism and Hinduism, even attended an Egyptian lineage Spiritual Center, etc... it's a subject I've lived a bit, and I think the ideal is an individual path conditioned by some discipline. There's a lot of talk about Bishop Macedo and the Universal Church; I don't focus on the issue of exploiting faith or not - I've seen people get out of shit. So today I've reached my personal summary and would like to think it's better for everyone to be out of shit, with less idiocy, more happiness (and less euphoria) - people confuse pragmatism with inertia and lack of intellectual creativity.

Rio nightlife - My night is great; I'm incredibly selective, can go up to 3 months without going out since I set up a computer with 3 monitors and a 29' TV, have a girlfriend, and with a Coke, I don't need anything else. I'll go there, buy some treats, and come back, my odd way of life.

CPM22 - It's not the type of music I like, but the scene I see is this: I can't stand the AFFECTATION gang anymore; as far as I know, they're chill, and that's cool to me; I'm tired of seeing friends corrupted by little success and big success. CPM22 isn't art, what I do and present to the public isn't either. Today's audience is so conditioned, so herded into profiles that there's no room for bolder experiments... I keep what I consider art to myself. I think it's legitimate to want to work in music and seek income and even a way of life; after 20 years of music and composition, I know the lack of glamor that exists in it.

Ecstasy - Ecstasy Mother Fucker? I still think Tony Montana on guitar, Neon Leon on bass, and Timothy Leary on drums is much more fun.

Carnival - 4 days at home watching butts, eating like a pig, and fucking like a rabbit!

- Do you believe in UFOs? -

Funny thing, it came to me: Do you believe in farts? Because unless they're the ones underwater - no one has ever seen a fart - so I honestly think people's opinions are worth very little; certainly, those who have seen (or smelled) a fart believe in it. I've never seen one, but I think that's irrelevant - I believe there are those who believe just like I believe that President Lula lies and that Pinel is full of crazy people.

- What's the coolest band on the planet?

The best bands on the planet are those that continue to work and know well what DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE means (a phrase immortalized by Public Enemy). People who think of expanding limits, encouraging the new while maintaining coherence.

- Was Robin Batman's fling?

I don't get involved in marital disputes.

Jenner plays on Dead Wannabes

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