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Edition #1
London, 1997


After a show in Brasilia on November 2, 1997, the band Planet Hemp was arrested on the spot on charges of promoting drug use. The performance was filmed by the Federal Police and used as evidence.

Obviously, the media jumped on the story (even Veja magazine supported Planet Hemp), and, of course, it ended up selling a lot of magazines, newspapers, and CDs.

The band was released on November 6th, and on the 8th, there was a show in Niterói for the launch of the former Planet member Rafael's label. I took advantage of their presence and, along with Offmind's vocalist, Rodrigo Siqueira, interviewed Formigão and Marcelo D2.

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“DKANDLE weaves swirling multi-colored vibrant unearthly soundscapes, blending fuzzy and reverberating Shoegaze textures, mesmerizing Dream Pop meditations, sludgy Grungey tones and moody Post-punk strains, heightened with soul-stirring lyricism and pensive emotive vocalizations”


TRANZINE - I'll let you know, I'm not a cop like Formigão thought... What do you have to say about the depressing situation in Brasilia?
MARCELO D2 - It's hard to talk about it now; you have to be a bit cautious because the process is still ongoing, can't talk too much, you know.

TRANZINE - Are you aware that there will be a protest on Tuesday? Do you think it will make a difference, or is it just another one of those isolated protests for a cause and such?
MARCELO D2 - I don't know if it will make a difference for the cause, but for Planet, it will be good, it will make the band stronger. Then people will know that we're not alone.

TRANZINE - People talk about freedom of expression, but I think the police chief wanted to promote himself...
MARCELO D2 - It was a set-up for the guy to appear on Fantástico, and we ended up being the scapegoats.

TRANZINE - Is Gabeira important?
MARCELO D2 - Hell yeah, Gabeira was like a father, not only politically but as a buddy. He's a damn good guy to exchange ideas with, a damn intelligent guy. It was good for enduring the situation because my will was to tell the guy to fuck off. But I couldn't, or I would have spent 15 years there.

TRANZINE - Gabeira being a politician, sometimes it's more important than a musician going there to give support; he's an influential guy inside...
MARCELO D2 - The guy is a congressman, speaks better than the folks.

TRANZINE - Did they treat you well, was there any aggression?
MARCELO D2 - Only verbal, not physical.

TRANZINE - The guys of MTV, and also those who like the band's music, have been giving support. How would you like to thank them?
MARCELO D2 - With all the respect I have for MTV and every media outlet, they sold a lot of newspapers, got a lot of ratings. I'm very thankful to the MTV people, not the MTV corporation. We have a lot of friends in there, Astrid, Rodrigo, and many others. Now, the corporation made money with this, but it was us who were in jail.

EDIT (2024): The judge Vilmar José Barreto Pinheiro, who ordered the arrest of the members of the Planet Hemp in 1997 for drug apology, was sentenced in 2013 to compulsory retirement for allegedly receiving a bribe of R$ 40,000 to grant provisional release to a drug dealer in Brasília....

Planet Hemp

TEXT: Fernando Miranda
INTERVIEW: Fernando Miranda & Rodrigo Siqueira

TRANZINE - Shall we proceed with the interview?
FORMIGÃO - Dunno...
DIBA (Dash) - No, no!

TRANZINE - Well, I'm from Pineapple Popsicle, aka PPZ, (and a correspondent for Tranzine too!). But what do you think of the people here?
FORMIGÃO - I think the guys need to drink more.

TRANZINE - How was the situation in Brasilia?
FORMIGÃO - Unfortunate... You know what it is? Politics, politics, politics. They took us as scapegoats. Unfortunately, the law only exists for the poor; the rich have no law, that's it...

TRANZINE - Regarding freedom of expression, what do you have to say about the government trying to impose semi-freedom of expression?
FORMIGÃO - If the next Planet Hemp album talks about abortion, will the Church come down on us?...

TRANZINE - What's the plan for the future?
FORMIGÃO - Playing soccer, going to the beach, drinking beer, checking out the chicks, that's it.

TRANZINE - And what about Mary?
FORMIGÃO - Which Mary?

TRANZINE - Marijuana...
FORMIGÃO - I don't smoke.

TRANZINE - Thanks, Formigão.

Planet Hemp

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