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Generally, I'm not a pessimistic person. But sometimes I hate these days! Sometimes I feel like a prisoner, I can't do anything or go to many places in Brazil because everything is so dangerous and violent. What a drag! A damn conservative and absurdly unfair and hypocritical society, full of prejudices, small and petty attitudes. 

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And you think the world is more globalized and democratic these days? - Isn't the exact opposite happening? Today, corporations are getting bigger and bigger - we've become slaves to corporatism (or haven't we always been?...) Follow the steps they've laid out for you if you want to survive.

I wish I could enter a time tunnel and go straight to the future, like to the year 3000, I don't know, I think I'd find a better, more advanced place to live... OK, fine, nowadays there are great, priceless things that didn't exist in the past. Today we have the Internet, for example. What would I (we) be without it? The Internet is a great way for us to show whatever we want to the world (like this zine ;-), without anyone interfering, and that's so awesome!!!

Also, have you ever stopped to think about what life was like before the 20th century? At least nowadays there are no more gladiators or lions eating people in arenas... In feudal times, if you were born a plebeian, you died a plebeian, meaning you had little chance of changing your life! People usually died early, there was no hygiene, electricity, education, health centers, dentists, equal rights for minorities, nightclubs, cars, telephones, television, none of that! There was no public safety, you had to fend off muggers on your own. The streets were full of rats and sewage. You started work at the age of six and everyone worked more than twelve hours a day and usually earned just thirty pounds a month... Well, it's a bit better these days, isn't it?

But on the other hand, there's still so much crap going on... Here in Brazil, for example, there's something very strange, which is the facr that being cultured is considered exotic. Especially in Rio de Janeiro. The culture of "shirtless and wearing flip-flops, with a can of beer in hand, eating barbecue and listening to pagode and funk at full blast" is what stands out. From these people, there is a tendency to call a person with their own style, who is a little more "different" from the majority, a "junkie, gay, prissy, bum, whore". Brazil was born after the Middle Ages, but the general mentality is very medieval! If I want to wear different clothes, if I like alternative culture, I shouldn't be stigmatized because of that. Deep down, this is a reflection of the mediocre mentality that feels threatened when someone "steps out of the box", i.e. doesn't live up to society's expectations.

A big problem for the generalized acephaly that plagues Brazil is the growth of evangelicals in the media and in the Senate... Brazil is one of the best places in the world when it comes to nature and human warmth, but why do mediocrity and religious dogmatism prevail here? Why do people become more and more straight-laced, relying on laws from a book of dead words like the Bible? The problem is just one: lack of education. Of the BRIC countries, Brazil is the only one that still doesn't invest in education, and is one of the worst-ranked in the world in this regard. (EDIT 2024: This part has become dated... This was written in 2000. Now, the federal government has invested in education, such as by giving financial incentives to those who complete high school, and this should be commended).

Brazil is one of the countries where books are read the least. People are served by newspapers with a poor editorial line and subservient to the economic system, so people almost always receive distorted information. In addition, they are influenced daily by the poison of Big Media on television. They ingest garbage on a daily basis that prevents them from expanding their imagination.

These people don't really know what thinking is - they think they think, but they have no idea what the essence of Thought is. They are easy victims of the religious lure that promises Paradise after death. They never doubt what has been established - Jesus is Lord and that's that, they don't question it and they don't want to be questioned. This is assumed to be the Eternal and Immutable Truth and the brain is shut down; it's as if the person puts a wall around their head and doesn't allow new ideas to penetrate this well-established fortress. It's bad luck for them that they continue to lead these insignificant lives - the problem is that they want to convert the whole world and think they are the bearers of the Truth, so they fill us up wanting us to be and live the way they want us to. They try to push Christ down our throats in every way and won't stop until you "confess with your mouth" that you accept what has literally been imposed on you! This culture is very common in Latin countries, of taking charge of other people's lives, of meddling in the lives of others. I call civilized a country where people have the freedom to be whatever they want, without anyone telling them what they can't be, in this patriarchal attitude of the Church. People have to educate themselves, evolve, get out of this evangelization morass.


The way out is education, but investment is still scarce. Despite the few reputable Brazilian universities (UFRJ, USP, PUC, UNICAMP, etc.), the vast majority of universities are private, with exorbitant tuition fees, and generally the quality of teaching is shoddy. These colleges are more like companies than educational institutions. There's even one - namely the Estácio de Sá University - that gives away two zero km cars to the first two places in the entrance exam! No one should go to university stimulated by a competition in an entrance exam. Until recently it was a luxury to graduate from university, or even from a specialization course, but nowadays it's becoming normal; too bad that most graduates actually finish the course "clueless", without the slightest professional preparation.


Brazilian youth is one of the most passive in the world when it comes to the facts of life. This shouldn't be the case, but unfortunately it is. The funny thing is that Brazilians, when they want to keep everything as it is, find the strength to mobilize, calling broadcasters, sending emails complaining; but when they should mobilize against something that harms them, as the French do, the majority don't give a damn. "Political activism? How boring!" Here, most people just want to worry about the barbecue and the soap opera... You go to small towns and there's an evangelical church on every block. There are fewer schools.


Afghanistan has the Muslim Taliban; Brazil has the evangelical Taliban... I don't see any difference between these fundamentalists who think they are the sole owners of the truth and anyone who doesn't agree with them deserves to cease to exist. Bastards! Bastards! Bastards!

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