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There is no doubt: the Varginha case is one of the most serious cases ever to occur worldwide, equal and in some aspects even superior to the famous "Roswell" case in the United States. And make no mistake, those who expose themselves too much about this (oops!) run a serious risk of their lives. The military and civilian agents involved are still monitored by the "S2" (Brazilian Intelligence Service) to this day.

Sérgio Kiss

Thus, we had one captured by the firefighters, two captured by the army, and one more by the military police, totaling four beings, two alive, one probably dead, and one probably injured.

This last creature, according to military personnel, was injured but not seriously. It was then taken to the municipal emergency room, which refused to attend, and was subsequently referred to the regional hospital, and from there was transferred to the Humanitas hospital - all this with a lot of movement of vehicles and personnel from the army, military police, civilian police, and firefighters, in front of numerous witnesses, appearing to be a real war operation.

The next day, several military vehicles with license plates from Belo Horizonte arrived at the Humanitas hospital, as well as several doctors from USP and UNICAMP.

Several involved in the case, doctors, nurses, military personnel, affirm that one of the creatures entered the hospital alive and left dead.

Three Mercedes trucks, without any identification, apparently belonging to the "S2," carried three completely sealed coffins in front of fifteen military witnesses, doctors, firefighters, etc., to the ESA, where Dr. Marcos A. Carvalho, a veterinarian from the Varginha zoo, was urgently called.

On January 23, at 4 a.m., a military convoy left the ESA with several unmarked vehicles following behind, with army scouts, etc., an operation worthy of Hollywood, where the three dead beings were then taken and delivered to the famous coroner Dr. Badam Palhares (Joseph Menghele case, PC Farias case, etc.) at UNICAMP in Campinas.

The laboratory staff where Dr. Badan works were surprised that, upon the convoy's arrival, the entire building was evacuated, leaving only the personnel who would participate in the autopsy, something that had never happened before, and the number of military personnel seen during the days that followed in the vicinity of UNICAMP was frightening.

The capture, transportation, etc., operations were coordinated by Lieutenant Colonel Olímpio Wanderley dos Santos, Captain Ramires, and Lieutenant Pedrosa. The convoy was led by Corporal Vassalo, Soldier Cirilo, and Soldier Melo, all military personnel from ESA.

Also on January 23, a buffalo plane left the Canoa air base in RS and headed for Varginha, carrying a multitude of detection devices, such as radar, etc., to be implanted in that region, which began to have a frightening number of sightings from then on.

Several ESA military personnel reported that one night there was great concern about possible retaliation by the extraterrestrials, given the number of ships flying over the area, apparently searching for survivors of their people. It was during this period that several officials from the US Air Force and Army disembarked by helicopter at the ESA, along with several officials from the Brazilian S2, and "interdicted the ESA."

Residents throughout the region were frightened by such unprecedented movement.

On January 26, several NASA military personnel arrived at UNICAMP and disappeared into its basements, where it is said there is an underground laboratory for such cases.

A few days later, US Secretary of State Warren Christopher signed a cooperation agreement with Brazil for the "peaceful use of outer space."

During this period, NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin visited the INPE facilities in Brazil and signed space cooperation agreements between the institutes. Another interesting thing is that, later on, Brazil had a lot of ease in obtaining $44 billion from the IMF when the currency crisis broke out.

It was the first time that a NASA leader came to Brazil. Involved military personnel claim that, in addition to these agreements, there would also be an agreement to study the captured beings and the wreckage of the ship.

Some "men in black" approached the girls who saw the beings and denounced everything to the press, and offered them a huge amount of money to go to the press and deny everything, a fact that they ran to denounce to Fantástico of Rede Globo, instead of accepting the money, which according to family members, would solve all their financial problems.

In great secrecy, and for the first time in Brazil, a State Minister meets with the high command outside a capital, a truly historic event. The Minister of the Army, Zenildo Zoroastro de Lucena, with twenty-nine generals, including the Chief of Staff, General Delio de Assis Monteiro, met in Campinas (where UNICAMP is located) to discuss, according to the agenda, something completely absurd, some "new computers" that had been acquired for the army's computerization......... hehe haha hihi!! (did they want to see the little animals?).

While everything exploded in the national press, an enormous wave of UFO sightings never before recorded happened in the region. Varginha, Alfenas, Boa Esperança, Tres Coraçoes, Bandeira do Sul, Sao Gonçalo do Sapucai, in all these places the number of sightings was very large, putting great fear in the residents who realized that something very serious was happening.



The soldier Marcos Eli Chereze, from the military police, who actively participated in the capture of one of the creatures, fell mysteriously ill a few days later, as he was 23 years old and in excellent health. He was admitted for treatment and rapidly deteriorated, remaining in isolation the entire time, and quickly died, experiencing severe body pains, very high fever, and widespread infection. The death certificate lists the cause of death as an unknown bacterial infection. His sister tried to open an investigation to better understand the reason for his death, but the autopsy report was sealed and inaccessible, considered a secret document.

Before he died, the soldier confessed to his sister (which left no doubt in front of the press) that he had indeed participated in the operation that captured extraterrestrial beings.

One of those beings, before being captured, the last one, was seen at the city zoo. A few days later, five animals considered to be in excellent health also died, and for the same reasons. This soldier was buried in a armored coffin, and his family did not even have access to the body.

According to testimony from those involved in the case, there was much fear among the doctors that this could generate a true epidemic among us humans. From studies conducted afterward, it was concluded that the bacteria in question are extremely lethal, more so than Ebola, and completely unknown.

Several attempts to justify such a war operation throughout southern Minas were made by the military, but with so much controversy, and such absurd arguments, "in this aspect" everything became worthy of much laughter!

All the information above was "leaked" by various military personnel, doctors, nurses, civilians in general, some identified themselves, others did not, but all were unanimous in their explanations, leaving absolutely no doubt: Varginha was the scene of something extraordinary. Some military personnel claimed that the surviving ET went to the United States, but there is no certainty of this, however, remember that a few days after the captures, the Brazilian government signed an agreement with the American government for the participation of Brazilian scientists to work at NASA, and they boarded quickly... Coincidence?

If the ETs were captured alive, why did they end up dying? Did they treat the guys with respect? Or did they immediately "kick" them, treating them like animals? Or were the ETs violent?

It's a sad story, but it seems that, according to credible military witnesses, about the two ETs found in the woods, when the army swept the area, one was seriously injured from the ship's fall, lying on the ground, and the other was with him, crouched by his side, trying to provide some kind of assistance. When he saw the military soldiers, he made some sort of abrupt gesture, which the soldiers later understood as an attempt to ask for help, and which was interpreted at that moment, by the soldiers, as some kind of attack, and they shot him with three rifle shots. Therefore, only one was in perfect health when captured. In reality, according to the sister of the soldier who shot the ET, when the soldier saw the ET standing up, he was so shocked by the ugliness of the creature that he shot him immediately... Just imagine, being sent with the mission to rescue an ET knowing that they could react to the capture...

Did they die from contact with our atmosphere? Or were they already weakened by the ship's crash?

As for possible contagion, the fear was ours, since apparently the bacteria contained in them were normal for their makeup but extremely deadly to us humans. According to some reports and what leaked from them (which was little), it seemed that they were more like "amphibians" (frogs, toads, etc.) than any other species. They had certain secretion on the external skin, including, with a very strong smell similar to ammonia, thin, black, and split tongues like snakes, two huge bulging eyes, red and without eyelids, three long fingers on their hands and two on their feet. They also had three strong and hard protrusions on their heads, as if they were atrophied horns and almost disappeared with the evolution of the species, and two small holes in place of the nose.


So, for you, is the Varginha case legitimate or an elaborate hoax? Tell us in the comments below


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Artistic representation of
supposed ET seen in Varginha


On January 20, 1996, a couple who owned a farm 10 km from Varginha (Brazil) was awakened by the noise of terrified cattle. Going outside the house, the couple saw a strange craft, very low, about 4 to 5 meters from the ground, with a part of the object "exploded," seriously damaged and emitting a lot of smoke, while it seemed to have no stability in the air. The couple observed this for about 45 minutes, when the craft slowly headed towards Andere, a region of Varginha.

Subsequently, several pieces of a strange, highly fragmented metal were found and rescued in the vicinity of the farm, in front of various witnesses. These fragments were sent to the CTA (Technological and Aerospace Center) in São José dos Campos, where they were studied by Brazilian and North American scientists. The craft crashed in Varginha, and some military personnel reported that it was recovered and sent to the United States.

Some time after the craft's crash, the fire department received a call to capture a strange creature in the Andere garden. Four soldiers went there and soon radioed the central command, asking their coordinator and commander to come there, with the following message:

"Commander, you'd better come quickly, this is much more serious than it seemed. The army is already here!"

Thus, Major Maciel coordinated the capture of the creature, in front of several witnesses who watched the operation from the street. The army then took this strange being "alive and apparently well," as it was captured with a net and, according to witnesses, offered no resistance. It was taken to the ESA (Sergeants' School), where it was kept captive, according to the testimony of soldiers involved in the operation.

After that, the army, armed with rifles, camouflage clothing, and various equipment, conducted a real foot sweep in the entire neighborhood, in a true war operation, something never before seen by the locals, and ended up finding two more beings; three rifle shots were heard by witnesses, who later saw the soldiers coming out of the woods with two of those body bags, one of which had "something" that moved a lot and the other did not.

After that, three women saw one of these creatures in an empty lot, near where the army was searching, and ran away in panic. Later, they returned to the site accompanied, but nothing was found.

Apparently, this same "being" was later captured by the military police, after having been at the local zoo, where it was seen by the wife of a city councilor, who ran away in terror.

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