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Edition #12
Rio de Janeiro, 2009


“DKANDLE weaves swirling multi-colored vibrant unearthly soundscapes, blending fuzzy and reverberating Shoegaze textures, mesmerizing Dream Pop meditations, sludgy Grungey tones and moody Post-punk strains, heightened with soul-stirring lyricism and pensive emotive vocalizations”


TAGS : Christians, culture, evangelicals, philosophy. religion

Christianity is a religion whose main motto is "Love your neighbor as yourself." But in practice, this commandment becomes contradictory within the Christian ideology itself. This is because the religion of Christ preaches that there is only salvation for Christians; hence, if you are not a Christian, your soul will not be saved. In other words: only those who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord will have access to the gates of Paradise. How loving! Everyone else will be eternally incinerated in the lake of fire of Hell! - This is the consequence that most Christian religions give to non-Christians, although there are variations on the punishment among evangelical religions. For example, some say that the soul of the non-Christian will be destroyed on Judgment Day instead of suffering eternally in Hell. But in the end, you always end up screwed if you are not a Christian.

The God of Love only loves those who serve Him. If you are an atheist, have a religion other than Christianity, or even if you are a Christian but lives a life of "sin", you do not deserve His Love... The God of Love will destroy your soul, will not grant you access to Blessedness; you are not worthy of His Love because you are not one of His "beloved" sheep. You are not part of the group of the elect; you are an outcast, you do not have a stamped passport to Paradise - on the contrary, you will be sent to Hell because you did not accept Christ as your Saviour.

Do you see how there are many similarities between Christian ideology and Nazi ideology?

Both Christianity and Nazism have a "chosen people." Only these chosen ones have the right to life; all those who are not part of this group are despicable people who must die and cease to exist. There is only salvation for the chosen ones! When the Catholic Church excommunicates a "heretic" or when an evangelical religion disassociates a member, they are acting like the Nazis sending people to concentration camps (well, you were expelled from the Church, and only the God-fearing go to Paradise, remember? So, with that, you are condemned). You are not fit to live among them. Christianity brought the concept of apartheid to Western culture, which means "separate life": all rights for those inside, no rights for those outside.

A classic example of this segregation is when disasters such as floods and earthquakes occur, and some Christian religious groups mobilize to gather donations for the victims of these disasters. But the curious thing is that these supplies are directed only to the "brothers and sisters" of their religion: those who do not belong to that religion are simply ignored, they do not receive help; it is as if they were blank sheets. Another example is the case of companies run by evangelicals that only hire "brothers and sisters in faith", completely excluding those who are not part of the supposed "people of God." How Nazi is that!

Another very emblematic example: all Christian religions preach that the "end of times" will come, when all infidels will be annihilated by God, and only His worshipers will remain. Some sects preach that the Earth will be transformed into a Paradise inhabited only by believers, but first, they will have to bury in mass graves all the dead from the Armageddon war. Can you visualize the scene of these believers piling up bodies and burying them in collective graves? That's right... This is so much like a Nazi concentration camp...

This unilateral line of thought is the result of the establishment of monotheism in Ancient Egypt, during the 18th Dynasty, which excluded diversity in the name of a "single path" (the god Aton, the Sun), invalidating all other paths and thus influencing Judaism and Christianity. The West took this route, assuming an Eternal and Unchanging Truth, convincing itself that their path is the Only Enlightened one, while everything else is in darkness and consequently will suffer in hell or eternal destruction. Hitler, a confessed Christian, also had this vision of the "Single Sun," believing that the Aryans were the predestined race. A German of the time had to submit to the Führer; otherwise, they would end up in a concentration camp. Preaching "Accept Christ" is metaphorically the same as saying "Heil Hitler" - if you don't do this, you have no salvation.

But someone might argue that the ideologies are not so similar because, under Nazism, you had no choice: if you were not Aryan, you could never survive the Nazi regime with liberty. In Christianity, you have the option to become a Christian to be saved. However, just like in Nazism, there is still segregation. You still need to belong to the club of the chosen ones. And what cannot exist is segregation or the privilege of one group of people over others. We are all chosen ones!

Therefore, it is absurd for Christianity (or any other religion) to say that there is only salvation by accepting their God. This ideology is extremely harmful to the planet; it is the origin of racial, sexist, and many other types of prejudice. Christians, Jews, Muslims or any other group are not the "chosen people" of God. There is no such thing as God punishing those who do not belong to religion X or Y. We all share the same origin.

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Accept our God,
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