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This plant produces:

An acre of HEMP (hemp) produces 4 times more paper than an acre of trees. This plant only takes 9 months to grow. Trees take dozens of years to grow and deplete the land, while HEMP fertilizes it. Later the land can be used for cereals etc...


“DKANDLE weaves swirling multi-colored vibrant unearthly soundscapes, blending fuzzy and reverberating Shoegaze textures, mesmerizing Dream Pop meditations, sludgy Grungey tones and moody Post-punk strains, heightened with soul-stirring lyricism and pensive emotive vocalizations”

Methanol is used in Formula 1 cars. HEMP produces more methanol than any other plant. If a country used just a small portion of its land to produce fuel, the country could be self-sufficient (!), ceasing to import (and wage wars), thus not polluting the seas and the environment. Everyone knows that ozone layer depletion and acid rain are caused by fossil fuels; HEMP, on the other hand, has no harmful effects on the environment, consumes carbon dioxide during its life and then releases it when burned, completing the natural cycle.

Yes, HEMP also produces cellulose.

The first Levis pants were made from HEMP, earning their reputation as durable pants.

The seeds have a high protein content.

HEMP is considered the most evolved plant in nature, and the one with the most components to cure diseases. (See the exclusive article on this subject published in Tranzine. - MARIJUANA IS MEDICINE.)

OK! This plant is spectacular!
Why don't we use it? ...

Because it's considered illegal, it's prohibited.

Don't be surprised by this, the plant is popularly known as Marijuana (its resin is used to make hashish).

In fact, it's not just because it's a "drug."

The problem with its prohibition is related to significant economic and governmental interests, to the extent that the US government distorts facts, such as the myth that Marijuana causes brain damage (a "test" was conducted by Dr. Nahas, subsidized by the US government, to hinder Marijuana consumption. He concluded that Marijuana causes such damage by subjecting monkeys to 5 minutes of breathing pure smoke without oxygen in a closed space. Everyone knows what happens when you go without oxygen for 5 minutes - brain damage. When a substance is burning, it releases carbon monoxide, highly harmful to health. These experiments are a complete fraud).

Other drugs like alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and certain medications are legal because their commercialization is profitable, despite the fact that these "drugs" are harmful to health. But the HEMP plant is not legalized because, besides not being able to be monopolized (natural products cannot be patented), it would replace many other products from which large amounts of money are extracted for big companies and governments.

Its legalization would shake up 100% of the entire world's economic structure, and everything that comes directly or indirectly from it...


Forests are being cut down, oceans are increasingly polluted, the "hole" in the ozone layer is expanding, fossil fuels and nuclear energy are polluting and irreversibly destroying, people and animals are being exploited and dying...

ALL THIS IN THE NAME OF MONEY $$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!


It is in the hands of each of us to inform and protest to help end the ban on the HEMP/Marijuana plant... if you want there to be a better planet for our children to live on.

adapted from “if this is civilization...”. No Oppression (RIP)

Transcribed from: UNDERWORLD - Informative Debris #3
§ Feb.1996 @ 1997

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What are the uses of this plant?
What interests are behind its prohibition?...

Here's something unknown to almost everyone: A plant that can solve many environmental and economic problems.

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