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Edition #10
Rio de Janeiro, 2007


“DKANDLE weaves swirling multi-colored vibrant unearthly soundscapes, blending fuzzy and reverberating Shoegaze textures, mesmerizing Dream Pop meditations, sludgy Grungey tones and moody Post-punk strains, heightened with soul-stirring lyricism and pensive emotive vocalizations”


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Austregésilo Carrano Bueno

In the context of human history, every era has had its innovators, researchers, misunderstood individuals, and nonconformists who never accepted an absolute, indisputable truth. For this, they paid the prices that the prevailing mentality of each era demanded. But it is thanks to these heroes of innovative ideas that humanity has been progressing and renewing itself. These enlightened individuals paid with their lives, many tortured before the comfort of death, for defending what they truly believed in.

The evolution of human thought has followed this pace throughout the ages. A pace that is often violent, putting us at the tail end of history many times. If we take isolated parts from various eras, we will see that innovators, researchers, thinkers, alchemists, witches, writers, painters, actors, musicians—in short, those who did not succumb to the stagnation of ideas that dictate what is indisputable truth—were punished at various stages and times. They were thrown into prisons, dungeons, towers, and many were burned, hanged, shot, banned, expelled, humiliated, and some years or centuries later, deified and called geniuses of humanity, the chosen ones.

If we look at just the last century, we see that the Communist Revolution advocated for equal rights but also went too far in judging these equalities, in contrast to the exaggerated capitalism focused on individual or a select group’s accumulation of material wealth. In both contexts, we find dissenters, innovators, researchers, writers, and artists who were also persecuted and punished, just as in other past eras, like the Religious Inquisitions and so on. In this new century, we follow the same norms and rules imposed by these dictators of morality, religion, politics, and justice, who persist in dictating their indisputable truths in their small evolutions as Thinking Beings, but as miserable Humans. And woe to those who oppose their ideas, which they dictate as the only ones in terms of morality, religion, politics, justice, and truth. They are punished just as in Ancient Greece, the Middle Ages, the Last Century, or this new Century we are beginning. They are banned, persecuted, prevented, isolated, imprisoned, hospitalized, expelled, humiliated, tortured, and killed. Just look at the intolerances of our current days, in the East and the West, the impositions of wills, ideas, religion, politics, power, money, morals, truths, and even ethics.

But in these muddy waters, there always emerge people in every era who manage to clear a bit of the mud from their eyes and minds and do not settle like the vast, truly vast majority who become complicit in these situations, creating a stagnant union with sameness. Thanks to this Select Group of People in every era, we can spice up this marriage of stagnation with sameness. We create, in many of these unions, the desire for change, creativity, and initiatives to realize the dreams of a more supportive collective. We are also punished for dreaming of these possibilities of a world—not wanting to be a repetitive and cheesy presumptuous person—but yes, dreaming of a better world for all living beings, humans, and animals. Sometimes, I even dream of those sci-fi movies where Earth is threatened by an Alien invasion, and only Humans unite to prevent this invasion. Will it only be possible to unite races and objectives if we face such a threat from cinematic fiction? Why do we continue to be slaves to cliques that only aim for their selfish values and do everything to remain in power, like untouchable gods?

My book has just been BANNED. I did not write it to tarnish anyone's image, much less a profession I have the utmost respect for, which is psychiatry. So why did these groups feel so threatened and terrified to the point of banning my Literary Work? Because I am one of those who challenge their irrefutable truths in their diagnoses and opinions as self-proclaimed masters of unconditional Knowledge. Many, I know, are rejoicing over the banning of the book "Canto dos Malditos", because they believed that their truths were being threatened and criticized. An ex-madman, or perhaps still a madman, exposing their actions and neglects, hidden within the foul walls of asylums. I am not the only one, I know, and I also know I will not be the last, but why do they now think it is the opportune moment to take this action, as mentioned by my adversaries' lawyer in a press interview? In my view, this is a mere act of attention-seeking by supporting actors wanting to appear alongside the main actor. It is an unfortunate move both by the Judiciary of my State and all those involved in the entire process. They have unwittingly handed me a powerful, expensive weapon with great persuasive power—the media. A book that had already proven its point, its circulation was becoming lukewarm, almost cold, because our society has a short memory, and now they extinguish the embers with gasoline. I want to wholeheartedly thank them for this grand opportunity to continue raising awareness of the urgent need for Psychiatric Reform in Brazil.

Thank you to everyone involved who must have fought like lions to BAN the Literary Work of My Authorship, the Select Book "CANTO DOS MALDITOS," which has now entered the history of Brazilian Literature as a Great Work of Clandestine Literature of our time. You, the Book Hunters, your cunning does not make me envious or rancorous. Keep going, ban more books, and burn them, this is good for the entire community, showing its cultural value. Let's burn in the public square, or in front of the Parana State Court of Justice, the last copies of the dangerous book "Canto dos Malditos," full of slander and libel about the praiseworthy actions of confining, drugging, and using patients as guinea pigs, which tarnishes the images and busts of the masters of Irrefutable Knowledge. For your information, I also have a second book titled "TEXTOS – TEATRO"; it includes six plays, two of which have already been staged in Sao Paulo, and one of the texts won an award at ECO 92. If that's not enough, ban this book of mine too; with God's help, I'm releasing another book by the end of the year titled "FILHAS DA NOITE." Yes, I think you will have a lot of work for many years hunting down my books... unless you also ban my right to write, shit, and vomit. I think I'll give you work until the end of your mediocre existences.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the Banning of this Precious and Clandestine Literary Work, I hope it won't be the only one, and if it is, I will think it is persecution by petty people, who are worthy of pity, and I will pray with all fervor for the poverty of values that inhabit their souls.

Anti-Asylum Regards,

Austregésilo Carrano Bueno  
Writer, Actor, Playwright, Ex-Psychiatric Patient-Guinea Pig.

His history has inspired by movie "Brainstorm" (Bicho de Sete Cabeças).


EDIT 2024: Unfortunately, Austregésilo passed away on May 27, 2008.
May he Rest In Peace.

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