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Edition #9
Rio de Janeiro, 2006

By Lana Hosser

We interviewed Luciano Vianna of the PLOC Party

From the beginning to today

Band from Guarulhos that has been shaking up the Brazilian metal scene

The decade that changed the world

Carlota Joaquina feelings...

Combating cultural puritanism


“DKANDLE weaves swirling multi-colored vibrant unearthly soundscapes, blending fuzzy and reverberating Shoegaze textures, mesmerizing Dream Pop meditations, sludgy Grungey tones and moody Post-punk strains, heightened with soul-stirring lyricism and pensive emotive vocalizations”

Check out the interview with Jamil below, drummer from Chipset Zerø, exclusive to Tranzine!

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TRANZINE - What is the meaning of the band's name?

Jamil - Well, the band's name doesn't mean anything, it's just the combination of two names that represent something to us, chipset (the machine, the computer) and zero (the man, left aside), so we joined the two names and formed the concept "Chipset Zerø".

TRANZINE - What do you think of the term nu metal, given to bands like Korn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot etc? Could Chipset Zerø be considered a nu metal band?

Jamil - Well, the term isn't very current, we're talking about bands that have been around for 6 years like Korn... The name nu metal is to specify a renewal of metal... that before was just called crossover or rapcore, now it's called nu metal, I believe that nu metal is more like a bunch of barriers that are being broken down in music... and that's very rich for everyone, both for the audience and for the musicians... Chipset Zerø, well, we can call it nu metal because we're not afraid to mix different styles...

TRANZINE - Do you think there is prejudice on the part of the media and the public against Brazilian bands that sing in English?

Jamil - I believe that there has never been prejudice on the part of the public against bands singing in English, besides rock came from English-speaking countries, there is a prejudice though from national record companies to release bands that sing in English... The advantages of singing in English is that it is an almost universal language.

TRANZINE - Where and what was the best show you guys have ever played?

Jamil - Well, we're a new band... we

don't have much experience, but

we've been to Argentina and I think

that's where we had the best show

so far, alongside Mortification.

TRANZINE - What are the themes addressed in the band's lyrics? Who writes them?

Jamil - There are several themes, some personal, others about the concept of man and machine... the reality of the days we live, experiences, that's it... sincerity... Well, Shark writes them, but the concept is kind of general, we sit down and discuss the idea and that's how the lyrics are born, and now Shucky is writing too.

TRANZINE - What is your opinion on marijuana? Should it be legalized?

Jamil - It's easy.... have you ever seen someone file a police report saying they crashed their car because they were high??? Or that they beat up a woman because they were smoking marijuana??? Well, I don't know... In my opinion it should be legalized, because it would raise taxes and end the drug trafficking that is what generates violence in the slums...

TRANZINE - What do you think of shows like Programa do Ratinho, Big Brother and Caldeirão do Hulk?

Jamil - I'm ashamed of TV... I haven't watched TV in 2 years... and I feel purer... for real!!! I only watch MTV and cartoons...

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