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Edition #8
Rio de Janeiro, 2005

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Broadcast TV networks in contrast to the public financing model exemplified by the BBC


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Yesterday I read an article in the newspaper that left me appalled: a would-be model in Sao Paulo decided to take off her clothes in the middle of the street to attract attention and the next day she was hired to work for a television company!

TV, with each passing day, becomes more rubbish. Damn, on Sundays then, I won't even talk about it! It got out of control.

Will we ever be able to have a TV with a good level again?... Maybe, but the whole problem is that these TVs depend on their advertisements to survive, and what really counts is not the level of programming, but rather the financial return they will have. The public remains in the background. TV relies on programs of this level (which treat people as futile and retarded), because companies do not want to invest their commercials in more, let's say, intelligent programs, as they think there would not be enough return and no one wants to risk throwing money away. This is a fact that occurs not only on TV, but practically throughout the entertainment industry. Furthermore, the owners of these TV networks are all right-wing (some far-right), and any program that makes people "think" is vetoed, because they want everyone like alienated cattle.

Did you know that the priority for TV companies is not the ratings? No... Even if program X has more audiences than program Y, that's not the most important thing. What really counts is the volume of investment by advertisers for each program. That's the math. Therefore, when TV shows a program of terrible quality, they don't care if that rubbish will harm people's psyche, the only thing that really matters is being able to keep their advertisers.

This doesn't just happen in Brazil, in many countries TV programming is also deplorable. But there are exceptions. One of the most successful is the BBC network, from England, which is a free-to-air broadcaster with really good programming, so much so that one of the best cable TV channels, People & Arts, has the BBC's fingers from behind. But why can it be different? Well, mainly because you don't need to depend on advertisements to survive! The BBC is owned by the government, and everyone who has a TV at home in the United Kingdom is required to pay a small annual fee to the BBC, making the broadcaster survive thanks to taxpayers' money. But this can only work in countries with organization and without theft in the government, so it would be a utopia to have a TV like this in Brazil in the current conjecture.

All the money collected is used to pay the company's operating costs and obviously to be able to invest in good quality educational programs. The broadcaster is divided into BBC1 and BBC2. There is also BBC World, which broadcasts all over the world, but its programming is very different from BBC1 and BBC2, which have all possible types of programs, like a normal broadcaster, while BBC World only shows news. The BBC is a broadcaster free from the obligation to chase investors and capital, thus being able to "breathe" and make room for better quality programs.

One of the major differences between the BBC and Brazilian TV, for example, is their timing. Brazilian TV shows hurried news, variety shows where the hosts shout, usually agitated images, minutes and minutes of commercials, etc. The BBC has a less stressed rhythm, being able to air documentaries about the Amazon during prime time with shots lasting more than 5 seconds. The difference is that there the content of the program is more important than the technological show. But that doesn't mean the broadcaster is boring. Quite the opposite. Did you see a documentary about dinosaurs that aired on Fantástico? That was all produced by the BBC...

Isn't this the kind of mentality that should prevail in all broadcasters??? I really don't know where they got the idea that TV doesn't have the obligation to educate people; of course they do! They enter our homes every day, no one is forced to watch puppet presenters instigating children to be premature consumers.

But soon this situation will forcibly change. Until today, we've always been slaves to the programming they choose: at 8 p.m. you watch the news, at 9 p.m. the soap opera, at 10 p.m. the comedy show. But in the near future, we will be able to choose our own programming and watch whatever we want at any time and day. Through the internet, this new concept of TV will emerge. The entire current scheme will forcibly change, and current companies will have to adapt or file for bankruptcy. This is not a curse from a young enthusiast, it's just a fact!!!

Even if people in power never learn to be altruistic, it doesn't mean they will reign forever. History has shown that there have always been periods where everything was too bad, and people came to change that situation. In the past, there were no ways for people to rid themselves of ignorance and oppression, because the slightest sign of rebellion and they were burned or tortured. But today we have much more facilitated means of communication, and more and more people are breaking out of alienation and cultural blindness thanks to these technologies.

I believe that more and more people will start to think differently, to forget the backwardness of the past and to think about the future as a whole, to try to become better people, to treat the world and the people around them better. When this becomes the prevailing thought, then everyone will have a truly better world to live in.

A new Earth on the mental plane and consequently on the physical plane!

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