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Fernando is an unconditional fan of a band. He knows the tastes of each member and is familiar with their personal stories. He has so much material about them that he even put together a fanzine. Once a week, he and three friends gather in his room to talk about the lives of their idols while enjoying drinks and snacks and watching their music videos.

Denis Kandle

TAGS: activism, culture, music, underground

“DKANDLE weaves swirling multi-colored vibrant unearthly soundscapes, blending fuzzy and reverberating Shoegaze textures, mesmerizing Dream Pop meditations, sludgy Grungey tones and moody Post-punk strains, heightened with soul-stirring lyricism and pensive emotive vocalizations.”

Little does Fernando know that he is being used by a system created by musicians/record labels/media, which only sees dollar signs in him. Like him, many people, unknowingly, undergo brainwashing that drives them to contribute to a "fund" for the band members' mansion in Miami and the record label owner's Mercedes-Benz Classe A.

There is a lack of artistic vision in these so-called "artists." There is no true artistic authenticity in these groups. Everything is just studied and disposable formulas.

The whole thing has a root cause: a lack of culture in general, which allows us to be attacked by these unscrupulous artistic entrepreneurs (music/radio/television). Of course, there are well-intentioned people, but the majority is only thinking about profit.

Everyone sees the world differently - your universe is different from mine and anyone else's. Therefore, it depends on YOU whether your universe becomes a cosmos or chaos. You have to deal with life's problems, which is difficult - if not impossible - without a good cultural background. It's like food: you maintain health and keep your body functioning well through a good diet, rich in proteins, vitamins, etc. But what happens when you only eat those famous "processed junk foods"? You become weak, get anemia, and may even die...

You have the right to like whatever you want - just try to find out if the bands you listen to will contribute to intellectual refinement or make you dumber. It all boils down to a magical word: CONTENT.


I find it a crime that these supposed artists make rivers of money by manipulating their art, turning their music into a product, with everything calculated to be easily consumed by the masses. If you don't want to be part of that brainless mass, stop listening to this commercial garbage now - you'll do yourself a favor! There is plenty of high-quality music; you just need the will to explore.

What plays on radios and commercial music channels - if it's playing there, it's almost certain it's not because of the artist's musical talent, but because their record label paid thousands of dollars for that song to be played. These radios and TV programs that only play payola (of course there exceptions, but they are few), these music columns in newspapers and magazines that only interview artists whose record labels paid for those articles to come out... all of this should be a crime against humanity! However, this practice runs free, and no one seems to care.

So, learn to filter. If you don't put any crap in your mouth, why also keep listening to crap?... I'm not saying to become a fanatic and stop listening to the artists you like and only start listening to "those who didn't sell out to the system" because that's complicated. After all, it's not a crime to sell music; it's a means of livelihood for many musicians, and there's nothing wrong with an artist having their songs played on the radio or appearing on MTV, etc. The problem arises when the artist gives more importance to financial success than to their music itself; it's when their success occurs not because their music is genuinely very good but because it's the result of commercial associations between showbiz entrepreneurs.

Well, I simply don't listen to those artists. As I said before, for me, music is something sacred. Anyone who treats their music as a product doesn't deserve to be heard by me, and I'm truly not missing out on anything by not listening to them... In fact, I only gain by not ingesting that crap. A healthy life isn't just about eating well and exercising. Much of what you absorb on the radio and TV can also be harmful. #justsaying

To conclude, listen to this song by the Brazilian band Plebe Rude and pay attention to the excellent [translated] lyrics. It encapsulates very well what I'm saying here.


You promised me an apartment in Ipanema
A yacht in Botafogo if I joined the scheme
A millionaire contract, money, fame, and women
The music doesn't matter, what matters is the income!

Ambition - money, fame, and you
Ambition - money, fame, and you

I have to succeed before it's too late
They think I sell, I have a good image
My producer, he likes me
Money is worth more than my dignity

Playing on Chacrinha or on television
All this helps with my promotion
That means more money for production - and for me!


You bought me, put my talent up for sale
You taught me that income is what matters
A millionaire contract, money, fame, and women
The music doesn't matter, what matters is the income!

Ambition - money, fame, and you
Ambition - money, fame, and you

They change my lyrics, alter the harmony
On the single it's written that the song is mine
I already know what I'll do to make a lot of money
I'll change my name to Herbert Vianna

Being on Chacrinha or on television
All this helps with my promotion
That means more money for production - and for me!

Money, fame, and you!

A minor chord here, a little background chorus (background!)
Are my lyrics too strong? If you want, I'll change it
And it has to have a chorus (yes!) a repeated chorus (repeated!)

To sell music, it has to be accessible!

Ambition - money, fame, and you
Ambition - money, fame, and you

I don't know what to do, money is hard to come by
I have to graduate and I haven't even chosen a profession
You're a musician, not a revolutionary!
Do as I say and I'll make you a millionaire!

Being on Chacrinha or on television (my income)
All this helps with my promotion (my income)
That means more money for production - and for me!

My income!

So, what do you think about the subject? Comment below

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